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NDP Pledges To Make Copyright A By-Election Issue

The federal government is expected to call three by-elections within the next couple of weeks, with the voting set for early September.  One of the most hotly contested by-elections will the riding of Guelph, which currently held by the Liberals.  All three parties believe they have a shot at this […]

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61 Reforms to C-61, Day 15: TPMs – No Exception for Cell Phones

The 61 reforms series now shifts to several weeks worth of postings on the fundamentally flawed, dangerous, and stunningly overbroad anti-circumvention provisions in Bill C-61.  The digital lock rules have rightly been the primary focus of attention for most groups as they are far more restrictive than the Liberal's C-60, more restrictive than approaches in other countries such as New Zealand, and arguably even more restrictive than the rules under the U.S. DMCA.  The Canadian DMCA goes far beyond what is needed to comply with the WIPO Internet treaties and ultimately have the effect of eviscerating fair dealing in the digital environment. 

Even with the many reforms I plan to propose, the reality is that these provisions will still be problematic.  I question the need for anti-circumvention legislation (as do countries like Israel which declined to include it in their recent set of reforms).  If the government is committed to anti-circumvention legislation, however, major amendments are critical.

With an eye on the launch of the Apple iPhone in Canada today, I start the anti-circumvention problems with their effect on locked cellphones.  As currently drafted, the bill could make it an infringement to unlock a cellphone and would certainly make the distribution of programs used to unlock cellphones (or service providers that do so) illegal.  Why is this the case? 

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Stanton To Hold Town Hall Meeting on C-61

Bruce Stanton, the Conservative MP for Orillia and member of the Industry Committee, has promised to hold a town hall meeting on C-61 this summer.  It seems likely that the meeting comes in response to concerns from many groups about the potential effect of the bill.

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iPhone Stocks Low in Rogers Stores

The CBC reports that Rogers stores carried very small stocks – just 100 for its flagship store – of the Apple iPhone, consistent with earlier rumours about limited stock.

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FCC To Punish Comcast Over Traffic Shaping

The FCC reportedly stands ready to punish Comcast for its "network management" practices, a decision that may bolster the prospect of CRTC action against Canadian providers who engage in similar traffic shaping.

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