FCC To Punish Comcast Over Traffic Shaping

The FCC reportedly stands ready to punish Comcast for its "network management" practices, a decision that may bolster the prospect of CRTC action against Canadian providers who engage in similar traffic shaping.


  1. I think this is good news for the Net Neutrality movement in Canada. I just hope the CRTC identifies the need for transparency with ISPs and the dangers of using DPI.

  2. Great news!! I wonder if/how many law suits will occur even after they are penalized. Im certainly no expert but shouldn’t the customers who sat and watched their internet throttled on bit torrent etc be entitled to some kind of compensation especially if they were well within their policy agreements?

  3. maupassant says:

    sanction of Comcast
    This might be not so much a ruling on net neutrality, as on the method used to accomplish it. They killed bittorrent connections by forging reset packets from the other end of the communication. That can be interpreted as a man-in-the-middle attack on an ongoing communication, rather than a slow-down or refusal to carry.