iPhone Stocks Low in Rogers Stores

The CBC reports that Rogers stores carried very small stocks – just 100 for its flagship store – of the Apple iPhone, consistent with earlier rumours about limited stock.

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  1. granola bar instead of iPhone – what a d
    epic win! epic win for everyone, who did not go!

    This is so they can claim they sold out on the opening day. Not unlike Apple’s similar stunt in the US.

    No doubt this will help with the perception that *noone* wants an iPhone from ROGERS… except for this article.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Only NEW subscribers
    Most stores I called in Montreal did not want to sell to current customers. Only new subscribers. “You’ll have to wait a few weeks for upgrades !!” is what I got.

    I’ve been with Rogers for more than 10 years with bills above $100/month. Looking forward to Videotron GSM.

  4. I got one
    I have been with Rogers for over 10 years and I just called them up and placed an order for upgrade. I will have my 16GB iPhone 3G withing 5 business days. I’m excited!

  5. steve w – loser!?!?!?