Canadian Government To Create Internal Wikipedia

The Government has announced plans to create an internal wikipedia, called GCpedia, that will allow federal employees to post, comment, and edit articles.


  1. WTF is it for
    LIke instead a doing that put the money oh i dunno,

    Good lord here we fraking go.
    Spend us into oblivion like mulroney did and how bushites screwed the USA.

  2. Sean Mitchell says:

    Is this supposed to be an internal clone of Wikipedia, which is an online encyclopedia, or a just an internal wiki knowledge base like the rest of us use?

    Does the journalist who covered this story understand the difference? Does the pointy haired boss at the govt?

  3. Stupid is as stupid does and life is like a box a chocolates
    no of course not they just wnat to appear to be in hte know, fact is until they migrate to linux open source in federal govt ill not believe one of them has one brain cell ( savings to tax payers estimate 500-600 million annually )

    provincially ( quebec says 200$ million so would ontario being bigger be at 300$ million and so on for about a 1.5 billion estimate yearly savings to tax payers?

    HRM maybe i should run for office next time so far i have talked to 50 people about this in person and all 50 ( without me intending on being a politician )
    said “you do that and i’ll vote for you”

    Makes ya wonder don’t it?
    What is my next move?

  4. Mike Gifford says:

    It’s Not All Bad – It’s MediaWiki Afterall
    This was set up, and probably only could have been set up because it was done using MediaWiki, the same software that Wikipedia uses.

    There are a number of other options out there that are competing for this, including those from OpenText, but really this got off the floor because it was open source.

    GCPedia is essentially a resource to gather and document information from within the GoC. Totally makes sense to have a private wiki to keep track of this information for civil servants.