Thousands Complain To CRTC About Do-Not-Call List

The CBC reports that the CRTC has received thousands of complaints about the do-not-call list and the continuation of unwanted telemarketing calls.


  1. Seem to be getting more frequent since signing up.
    The most persistent marketing calls I’ve been getting of late are:

    1. The pre-recorded Fog Horn + You may have won a cruise… Was able to reach a real person by pressing zero, but that no longer works. The phone number is spoofed too, 1-000-000-0000, which makes lodging a complaint fairly useless.

    2. A collections agency wanting to know if anyone owes me money that I’d like them to collect (for a minimum $200 fee or percentage). At least this one’s a real person, but threats about calling the CRTC about them just gets laughter.

    I suspect this will only get worse, as more telemarketers figure out that ignoring the do-not call request doesn’t result in any real consequences.

  2. mr
    my phone is paid for by me and its for people who i know, to be able to contact me. As far as marketing is concerned, to my phone number it should never be allowed unless i so desire. Other marketers should be charged for waisting my time. Maybe there should be a program installed on my line, where i would be able to charge them and hey if there good at what they do they may even sell me on something.

  3. The CRTC are dreaming in Technicolor

  4. jean glassford says:

    another Canadian screwup
    CRTC were asked one year ago to contact US and have a mutual do not call list, but as usual when it comes to doing something positive for Canadians, they dropped the ball. They don’t have any trouble approving cable tv increasing their rates, or forbidding any of the good American tv stations!!

  5. Sold out by CRTC
    I’ve asked those recto-cranial inversion sufferers to remove my name and phone number from their do not call list. The downside is that I had to give them my name address and phone number. Who knows what use they’ll make of that?

    By the way, this website is incredibly slow, loading every app that google can conceive of. Please don’t assume that all of your visitors are on broadband. It’s discourteous.

  6. Geoff crook says:

    We continue to receive calls from 1-000-000-0000 which continues to be very annoying.
    There must be some way to stop this nonsense