CRA Runs Video Contest on Underground Economy

Canada Revenue Agency is currently running a user-generated video contest that asks people to create videos on the cost of the underground economy.


  1. Cost?
    It’s the only thing keeping us from bankruptcy.

  2. Andre Laloux says:

    Winner gets a free audit!
    As far as I’m concerned if they want a video they can pay for it like anybody else.

  3. Underground Economy For The Win!
    The government will use the money collected from taxes for copyright enforcement when they pass the successor of Bill C-61.

    Always remember that the government always screws us at our expense.

  4. those who have no faith in the current government fuel the underground economy
    report all your income the fat cats in ottawa gotta send their kids to private schools. Oh yeah and those taxes can be spent on incentives for oil and gas to continue raping our environment. so don’t forget to be little stool pigeons for the CRA cause why should they do their job when you can do it for them.

  5. Holly Cowley says:

    they get too much from us already, don’t allow nearly enough personal deductions and it gets worse every year. Then they turn around and waste it. We pay other taxes for roads, schools, health, and sin taxes must cover all our sins and more

  6. underground
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  7. Too much abuse in the system
    There’s too much abuse in system and taxes are TOO HIGH which is why people are upset. The money gets wasted by not only the politicians, but a lot of the people who know how cheat the system. And worse, the laws are joke because of so many loopholes and too many excuses on non-enforcement.

    I still like this saying: taxes punish those who produce and reward those who don’t.

    I think this campaign is more a ploy to make it look like they are doing something because they had no success going after the bigger fish (the gangs, for example). So they go after the small guys. Looks like they took a page from Immigration Canada’s playbook.

    Again, it’s all politics.

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