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European Parliament Votes For Greater ACTA Transparency

The European Parliament has voted for a proposal to bring more transparency and public access to documents.  The resolution includes specific language about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.  In particular, it states: Acting in accordance with Article 255(1) of the EC Treaty, the European Commission should immediately make all documents related […]

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March 11, 2009 8 comments News

CRTC New Media Hearings – Day Eight: ON Min. of Culture, OMDC, ACA, Pelmorex, Stornoway, Score, NHL

Day eight of the CRTC new media hearings were held on Monday with a strong focus on funding Canadian production in the morning and the impact of the wireless gatekeeping in the afternoon.  Our coverage has been delayed, so I'm linking to the CRTC transcript of the day's discussion instead.

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March 11, 2009 Comments are Disabled News

Rogers Plans ‘Canadian Hulu’

The CBC reports that Rogers told the CRTC New Media hearing today that it plans to launch a new online video platform.  The site is being characterized as a Canadian version of  More on the day's hearings soon.

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March 11, 2009 13 comments Must Reads

Foreign Affairs Launches Consultation on Canada – India Economic Partnership

The Department of Foreign Affairs has launched a public consultation on plans to negotiate a comprehensive economic partnership agreement with India.  Included among the specific issues identified in the consultation are intellectual property rights protections. The deadline for submissions is April 6, 2009.

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March 11, 2009 Comments are Disabled Must Reads

NZ ISP Rejects Copyright Code

StuffNZ is reporting that TelstraClear, a leading New Zealand ISP, has rejected a copyright code to implement a three-strikes copyright reform.  The move may lead to a suspension of the proposed provision.

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March 11, 2009 3 comments Must Reads