NZ ISP Rejects Copyright Code

StuffNZ is reporting that TelstraClear, a leading New Zealand ISP, has rejected a copyright code to implement a three-strikes copyright reform.  The move may lead to a suspension of the proposed provision.


  1. “We have had unprecedented customer concern and we can’t try to make a bad law work”
    From the article:

    “You have got to have sympathy for the Government. They have inherited an ambiguous mess and you can understand why they might have hoped a code would make this go away. But we have had unprecedented customer concern and we can’t try to make a bad law work.

    “The idea our customers can be disconnected on accusation and not proof does not pass the ‘fair test’.”

    Now compare this to Quebecor/Videotron here in Canada:

  2. very concerned says:

    The ideal behind the rules, laws or codes to enforce copyright can’t be accomplished by punishing a user later associated with an IP address. I cannot be held legally responsible for all data coming and going from an a certain IP. ISPs will need to make the first move and grant all connections a routable IP and log the MAC addresses. Then they will need to prove it was me on my computer. 3 strikes your out, does not make sense.

  3. “enforce copyright”
    Your entire reasoning is flawed as soon as you said that.
    Copyright was meant as a right to the rights holder for SOME benefit
    not to cause me or others harm.
    Not to be NOT shared not to be out of public domain for 95 billion years.
    we need reform that weakens the time restraints and then you will see true innovation and a revitalized economy.

    The countries that do that are going to be the best off , OH wait canada at 50 years and what was the statement other day that we’d weather most of the bad times.
    Drop it to 25 and see what can be done. End throttling and see what can be done. FORCE ISPS to get upgrading and stop whining and if they want to see money if they lower there pricing on business serves they might see some peeps like me do business with them. Instead i have to try to do this OUTSIDE of canada for my fellow canadians. Its sick.