U.S. Government Says ACTA a National Security Secret

The U.S. government has denied a freedom of information act request for several Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement documents, invoking a clause that says that the documents are protected as national security secrets. The provision applies in cases where there could be "damage to the national security and the original classification authority is able to identify or describe the damage." The content of the documents has been reported here and here.


  1. This..
    is a bunch of goddamn BS. They simply want to keep people in the dark as much as possible so as to limit their understanding of this proposed enforcement.

  2. What did th EU say
    what did the EU say, whats wrong here about the US position , is it hollywood pulling the strings,
    HI JOE BIDEN , the true king

  3. Dwight Williams says:

    To put it mildly, that’s the word for this declaration. Can humanity as a whole afford this kind of opacity?

  4. thought police
    get ready here it comes