Amazon Caves on Kindle

Amazon has caved to pressure from the Authors Guild, who indicated that it might sue over the text-to-speech technology in the Kindle.  Amazon maintained that the feature was legal, but presumably dropped the feature for business reasons.


  1. Devil's Advocate says:

    Ficticious copyright violation?
    The BOOK is the “product” that is copyrighted.
    Any audio package for such a book would be directly DERIVED FROM that book, and should only be considered “reading” the work. It’s not a “sound track”, in the “movie” or “music” sense, and the book is complete without it.

    It’s utter nonsense that someone can/would claim “copyright” over the very ACT of reading anything, as such a copyright could make ANY reading of a book “illegal”.

    What would that mean for schools??

    Reading a book, and even recording that reading can’t possibly constitute “copying” the product itself.

    This is madness.
    The practice of copyright itself needs to die.

  2. anonymous says:

    I realize one shouldn’t “feel sorry” for people with vision impairments, but it seems the blind are the collateral damage here. Exemptions don’t mean **** if the feature gets pulled before market.

    Not like that impacts Canadians anyway.

  3. CNIB should sue…
    For discrimination.