NBC Shuts Down Battlestar Galactica Finale Fundraiser

The Torontoist reports that NBC Universal has shut down plans by a Toronto theatre to show the series finale of Battlestar Galactica on the big screen.  The Fox Theatre had obtained verbal permission for the presentation and had been selling tickets for the event.  A portion of the proceeds were to have benefited the Daily Bread Food Bank.


  1. Nicole Winchester says:

    Thank you for covering this, Michael! Still a little bummed out about it over here.

  2. do it anyway
    why not just do it anyway? What is the worst that can happen to them?

  3. May the Farce Be With Them
    They should have done this with Air Farce’s last show (CanCon). They could’ve raised some money for the food bank AND the CBC.

  4. YA download the show place it on levied cdr and play it off the cdr
    YA download the show place it on levied cdr and play it off the cdr

    then instead a giving the ticket cash to unniversal give every penny to the poor


  5. “its not about nice”
    its about the way it was done was too simular to WHAT?
    they saw it as a open way too do bittorrent with out the net and said no.

    Like i said put it on a levied cdr give them there 16-25 cents and give the ticket cash to charity

    heck maybe this summer ill do same thing wirelessly
    and people can share with me and others in a 500 foot range, now all we need is a person every 400 feet and….

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