CRTC Launches Online Consultation on Net Neutrality

The CRTC has launched an online consultation on net neutrality. Topics include the impact on user experience, innovation, the role of the CRTC, network management, and ISP transparency. Comments posted to the consultation will form part of the public record for the hearing on the issue this summer.  Canadians have until April 30th to ensure that their voices are heard.


  1. Feedback section not up yet…
    You have to register for an account on the site.

    The online consultation part of the site is not active yet….

  2. An attempt at dialogue where there really is none.

  3. Discussion is up and Running
    To clarify; the online consultation is the entire site. This is a chance for Canadians to wade into the debate. Read the comments, reply to them, put your own up. You do have to register, but that’s just to validate users, and get an idea where the comments are coming from.

  4. LeCanardRéincarné says:

    Why dit it take so long???
    The CRTC never ceases to amaze me. How about a consultation on the CRTC “neutrality” next? Hehe

    On the positive side, I am glad there will be a proper public record on this matter. But does it really matter -vs- the special interest groups that semm to set the regulator agenda…

  5. Jean Hébert says:

    borked link?
    Hey, I just Retweeted a link to this page & now I see the link to the consultation site doesn’t actually lead to anywhere useful. So here we see the trickle-down-theory-of-diminishing-social-capital-in-microblogs at work! Well consider this comment the trickle-up (or is that Trickleback?)! Please fix the link (Michael Geist or CRTC)!

  6. Someone made a big mistake
    I sent them an email.
    It is a big security issue! Very embarrassing for them.
    Let’s hope they get it back up soon.

  7. No problems with any links that I can see
    Hello Jean and Roy-2,

    Not sure what link issues you may be talking about all the ones I’ve seen (both here and tweeted) appear to be fine. Roy-2 I have no idea who you ’emailed’ and what ‘security issue’ you speak of, but I assure you the site works perfectly fine. The links in the above article are all fine as well.

  8. This ties in well with the Liberal Voice blog
    If you care about this issue, you can vote on it at the party level.

  9. Steve, for a short period of time, the site just listed an open directory of what appeared to be the whole web server, basically allowing anyone that wanted to download the CMS software and perhaps get database access and who knows what else depending on the configuration of the server.

    You should really drop an index.html in that directory 🙂

    Check it out for a screenshot:

    Steve, if you’re a part of it all, could you shed some light on just how all of this will actually be analyzed?

    A number of us are in fear that the whole discussion is for nothing and that the CRTC will merely republish it on their own website without taking into account a single word.

  10. Oh, and Steve, can you shed some light on what the backup policies are on the server? Based on that screenshot, there might be other security issues as well. I’d hate to see everything get lost due to an attack.

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