CRTC New Media Hearings – Day Six: CBC, ADISQ, Shaw Rocket Fund, ACT, Corus

Day six of the CRTC's New Media hearings featured extensive discussion with the CBC, which backed off an earlier proposal to license online aggregators.  Carleton professor Ira Wagman provides the details on his blog. 

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  1. Chorus Entertainment “argued that the CRTC could improve this situation by allowing Canadian media companies … to have investments in digital rights management be considered as eligible for tax credits that exist in broadcasting policy measures;”

    Am I naive or reading that wrong? You want gov funds (essentially taxpayer money) for your investments in unwanted, unnecessary, unproductive, potentially invasive, and ultimately useless (once cracked, like every single DRM scheme presently in existance) software? I’ve always wondered if anyone could compare the cost of fighting piracy (DRM investments, lobbying, advertising, etc.) against the ACTUAL revenue lost due to piracy.

  2. George Smiley says:

    von Finklestein asked about digital watermarking to track Canadian content on-line.

    Sounds like an unrestricted license to the pipe providers to employ DPI in the name of “Canadian ” content.

    Time for everyone to encrypt and use VPN’s for everything.