Canadian MP Seeks Hearings on Google Street View

The Ottawa Citizen reports that Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre is putting forward a motion to the Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics Committee for hearings into Google Street View.


  1. It is odd that they would seek hearings about Street View when it was declared recently in Ontario that Canadians have no right to privacy on the Internet. Canadians have lost so many fundamental rights like freedom of speech that it is scary to even visit your country. Anybody can be imprisoned for saying a fact about a religion that can be interpreted as a hate crime when that religion states clearly that they are allowed to kill you to gain access to heaven.

  2. Freedoms

    Although we do have hate crime laws, they aren’t abused to the extent you’d expect. You make it sound like it’s some rubber stamp procedure where some judge can’t take the context into account, and throws you in prison, that’s a hallmark of US policy makers not Canadian. It’s in the States where you get ridiculous three strike systems where you can be imprisoned for life on minor charges. Or god forbid you’re gay and you’re charged under some state ‘sodomy law’, before 2003 they were still RAIDING gay couple’s houses to try and catch them in the act. At least when people are imprisoned here, there isn’t a chance you’ll be named as an enemy combatant and be detained indefinitely. Here, there’s certainty of due process and a judge that is entrusted to understand the context in which law is being broken.

  3. Campaign contributions at work?
    I wonder if he’d be demanding hearings if Street View was a Microsoft Project…

  4. George Costanza says:

    @ above true, even if that due process takes years!

    My questions is why a conservative MP would try and rally people to join him in “fighting” for privacy, when 8 months ago they were “fighting” to put copyright laws in place that would have invaded our privacy via DRM etc.

  5. Giordano Bruno says:

    I love street view
    I’m Italian and I love surfing Rome using stree view. I was hoping surfing canadian cities soon. Maybe I’ll nevere be able to do it after all.

  6. big brother says MO
    you havent seen the canadian version of said terrorism on that govt channel have yeas
    we have no rights no more some jerk gets to decide if you have rights NOT YOU OR ME
    no accountability