Canada Sinks In International ICT Development Index

The ITU has just released a report titled Measuring the Information Society, which features in ICT Development Index that measures the use of information and communications technologies in more than 150 countries worldwide.  Most notably, the report compares progress between 2002 (the last similar report) and 2007.  

The ITU data supports what many in Canada have sensed – we are failing to keep pace with many other countries with significant declines in key areas that will have long-term effects on our ability to compete. In the primary ICT Development Index, Canada ranks 19th worldwide, down from 9th in 2002.  Canada's absolute number increased over the five years (ie. ICT use increased), but at a slower rate of growth than many other countries.  No country in the top 50 declined as rapidly as Canada as we were passed by the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, many Asian countries (Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong), and European nations (UK, Luxembourg, Germany, Ireland).

The decline in a sub-index on ICT use is even more dramatic.  The sub-index measures Internet user penetration, fixed broadband penetration, and mobile broadband penetration.  Canada ranked 4th worldwide in 2002.  By 2007, we dropped to 21st worldwide. While the survey also includes data suggesting that Canada has relatively inexpensive fixed broadband (2nd worldwide), the declining numbers are consistent with other studies that indicate that any advantages that Canada had in the late 1990s have long since disappeared.


  1. Two people, one report
    Mark Goldberg read the same report, and came to opposite conclusions. How is this possible? I guess I’ll have to read the report, and see for myself.

  2. Simple
    The drop is almost entirely about mobile broadband.

  3. Spotify
    Please help me tell everyone in Canda what Spotify is! and how to get it 😉

    Spotify is all the music in the wolrd for free and it’s leagal! But it’s only availible in some countries :/ whit this page you can get it anyway 😉

  4. I agree with Hum
    Our mobile broadband and just overall wireless/cellular services are absolutely pathetic, making many 3rd world countries look rich by comparison.

  5. Better Broadband Needed
    Agreed that better mobile broadband is needed, but so are better terrestrial services. The current state of affairs does not bode well for future generations.

  6. Riley August says:

    Scum and Corruption, Mostly
    Well, I’d attribute it to the following 3 factors:
    – attacks on small ISPs by Bell, Telus, and Rogers in the late 90s early 2000s coming to fruition
    – Said big three enjoying telecom monopolies – they don’t HAVE to improve their service, they can do like Rogers is doing to its customers right now and raising rates while downgrading services
    – Political chaos between the idiot liberals and bigger-idiot conservatives squabbling over nothing instead of representing the people that elected them and BRINGING THESE MONOPOLIES DOWN!