Skype Launches iPhone App But Not in Canada

There is considerable attention being paid to the new Skype iPhone app, but the CBC reports that it will not be available in the iTunes Canada store due to patent issues.

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  1. Patent issues my ass. I’d bet the bank that it’s Rogers blocking it.

    You can download the Skype software for your PC and it comes preinstalled on every Sony PSP in Canada, so there’s no reason whatsoever that you shouldn’t be able to get it for iPhone or BlackBerry as well.

  2. Rob Raymond says:

    Do we know who owns the patent?

  3. wade Kelly says:

    I’d certainly like to know more about why this is the case as there are other software packages on the iPhone that offer similar functionality (TruPhone for example).

  4. Consumer Rights
    Don’t worry, you can easily jailbreak your iPhone’s 2.x/3.0 beta software on PC/MAC in just a few quick steps. It is completely safe and even if you do manage to screw it up, Apple will still RMA the phone without issue. Once done, use Cydia to download the “voipover3g” package, and you are now free to use any of the VOIP clients on 3g. In 2.0, use backgrounder to get your apps to notify you when you have a call (Siphon, Fring etc) and you’re off to the races.

    I have many friends doing this in Canada; paying for only a data package and SIP account (or you can use your work lines if your IT guys are using VOIP) to make all of their long distance and local calling. Most services will even lease you a Toll Free, Roaming and Local Area phone number (DID) with unlimited calling for $8 a month.

    Once you’ve jailbroken your phone, you can even Google “Skype IPA” to find and download Skype (or any other app) for your iPhone; then use the app “Instalulous” to install it.

  5. If it really is a patent, it’s another one of these broadly, vague patents that have been handed out.

    They should really make people who are granted patents actually make the product….give ’em two years….no product….no patent. I’m tired of the patent lurkers.

    As an iPod Touch owner and would really be ticked if it turned out that it was Rogers that was blocking it….say maybe THEY own the patent.

  6. re: Shaze
    Yes, it’s not hard to jailbreak these phones and use them, but honestly, why are we forced to do this? Of all countries, Canada is the only one who can’t use this application out of the box. That is utterly embarassing and just another example of how backwards this country is becoming withen it comes to technology.

    If they aren’t blocking it, they are shaping it. If they can’t do either, they just charge us more for it. In 10 years we’ll be so far behind, all while the stakeholders at the big telecoms become richer.

    This country needs a change in these areas, FAST.

  7. Who cares? Windows Mobile has run Skype for YEARS. It can operate on WiFi or the cellular data connection and, unlike the iPhone, can be minimized and run as a background app.

  8. Just log in with your U.S. account to download it!
    Just log in with your U.S. account to download it!

  9. Skype
    Skype-in (a personal online number) is not available in Canada but is available is the U.S. Obviously someone or something is preventing Skype from coming to Canada in full form.

  10. Andy Morris says:

    products that don’t make money will not survive

  11. scruffydan says:

    There is a work around for those Canadians who want to install skype on their iphone/ipod touch.


  12. scruffydan says:

    bad URL
    The comment system clipped the URL above. Hopefully this works:

  13. Andy Morris says:

    All you are doing is pushing up the cost of new phones

  14. Rogers gets away with it because we (Canadians) are pushovers. It is time to start throwing stones. Hard ones.

  15. these posts are really old… but you might know that Skype Mobile is available for download for iPhone and Symbian and Win Mobile (discontinued but still downloadable from the net). With a WiFi-enabled smartphone, how can anyone block its use?

  16. sorry, forgot to add… the burning issue is when will Canada allow SkypeIn in Canada?

  17. skype mobile
    I wan to use my skype with wifi to make calls. Already pay for internet and skype. Wh should i pay mobile fees.

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