Angus Introduces Net Neutrality Bill

Charlie Angus, the NDP digital affairs critic, has introduced a net neutrality bill.  The private member's bill is C-398.  More details to come.

Update: Bill now online .  Slightly tougher than previous bill as permits throttling to relieve "extraordinary congestion."


  1. Good
    +1 for Charlie Angus

    But, I hope Charlie digs a bit deeper than just a throttle.

    BTW, the throttle case is open again at the CRTC.


  2. Good work Charlie.
    Thanks Charlie!

  3. Derek Silva says:

    And this is why…
    And this is why I did support the NDP until recently. Still glad to have them in parliament because they’ll gladly push on issues like this.

  4. right goal, wrong solution
    The problem with the bill is that it addresses the symptoms rather than the root cause. Because we’ve allowed a duopoly on the last mile, there’s basically no competition and ISPs are free to do whatever they like. Break the duopoly, and a competitive market would ensure a neutral net. A house’s net connection is no different than a water connection or an electrical grid connection, we should be treating it the same.

  5. Brett Glass says:

    Wireless ISP
    The consequences of this bill would be catastrophic for small, independent, rural, and competitive ISPs, and would destroy competition — leaving virtually all locales with a monopoly or at best a duopoly.

    ISPs are not interested in discriminating against content, nor against particular application or content providers. But because a network is by definition a shared medium, they MUST be able to stop types of behavior which harm the network or hog resources. And they must do it BEFORE it develops into “extraordinary congestion” which cripples the network. They also must ensure that the network remains financially sustainable, which does mean that they must be able to prevent a user from consuming more costly resources than he or she is paying for. These resources include Internet backbone bandwidth, “last mile” bandwidth, and wireless spectrum.

    For these reasons, this bill is a bad idea. Instead of regulating ISPs an the Internet, government should encourage competition and prohibit anticompetitive practices. Then, if users don’t like an ISP’s network management practices, they can simply switch to one they like better.

  6. Clarence Darrow says:

    Badly conceived and poorly written bill. Whose side is Charlie on?

  7. Net Neutrality Hearings
    I don’t understand why a bill like this would be introduced prior to the CRTC hearings that are to take place in July. This seems irrisponsible.

    I think it’s worth hearing everyone out (large and small ISPs, media companies, users, etc) first.

  8. SARKOZY SAYS 1$ FER YOU says:

    only people i trust are the people
    all the rest of em are ( with exception of CAIP isps ) all bought and paid for

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