IOC Approves Athlete Blogging Policy for Vancouver 2010 Games

The Sports Journalists' Association reports that the International Olympic Committee has issued a four-page guide that permits the athlete blogs at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games.  The rules include a broad range of restrictions, including no sound, video, photographs of Olympic action or medal ceremonies, no interviews or news about other athletes, and no use of the Olympic marks.


  1. Kathryn Slater says:

    Well thank goodness.
    It was such a stupid antiquated rule. Of course the athletes are excited, and as far as the social networking power that it gives to the event, they were shooting themselves in the foot. While it is possible that an athlete could use their own personal vehicles to vent about treatment and rules, there is too much opacity surrounding the Olympics to begin with. It’s the lack of transparency that makes it an interesting read – if they would be more transparent with their regulations and policies, the bad news wouldn’t be so sexy.


  2. Anon Name says:

    There will be protests similar to the ones for 2008 Olympics
    Extinguishing the olympic torch, for example.