The Star on the Do-Not-Call List

The Toronto Star features a masthead editorial on the do-not-call list, arguing that it is losing credibility and noting that if the CRTC waits much longer it will become "an invitation to harassment."


  1. Gotta love a newspaper (exempt from the DNCL) sniping about the ‘credibility’ of enforcement!

  2. What’s really needed is a way out
    Given the huge spike in my calls (you can Google the numbers to see who they are), it appears that the Do Not Call list is an invitation to spam calls. What is really needed (since I never answer any of them) is a way to get off this useless list. That way my failure to answer will gradually diminish the attempts and the spammer’s lists won’t be refreshed.

  3. Anon Name says:

    It’s “Do not HESITATE to call”
    Because if they sell all Toronto numbers for $50, anyone from Nigeria can buy it to make calls about “NIGERIAN BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES”

  4. DevsterC says:

    never got marketing to my cellphone until I put it on the list…
    deadly disappointment.

  5. these calls are good – for YOU
    Very easy people. You WANT these unsolicited calls. WHY? Because you have already sent the company a list of your fee schedule and the cost they will incur for calling you. I charge $165 a call. They pay it. Yes, REALLY.
    Hit them where it hurts, the bottom line and they will stop calling. Mailing, I charge more. 🙂