CRTC Seeks UBB Pricing Answers From Bell

The CBC reports that the CRTC has asked Bell to provide specific answers about its implementation plans for wholesale usage-based billing.

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  1. not clear on UBB
    I am a customer of an alternate DSL provider after having had enough with Bell. It is my understanding that my DSL provider is already paying for internet bandwidth through Cogent. It is also my understanding that the only bandwidth on parts of the bell network are between my home and the DSLAM at the CO. That is in network bandwidth and it’s on a regular phone line that only I am on. It seems to me that Bell is wanting to double dip. And that the bandwidth I am using over their network is pretty much already paid for by GAS fees. Am I missing something?

    To continue with the often misleading highway analogy this would be like the someone setting up a toll booth on a private road that has been leased out for my own personal use.