University of Saskatchewan Launches iPhone App

The University of Saskatchewan has launched a new iPhone app that is being billed as the first of its kind in Canada (h/t mpjamesmoore).


  1. Only for iPhone?
    I’ve seen one or two of the apps from some of the US schools – they’re pretty slick, and would be great especially for a new student (though, for me it was about two years until I finally found all the little eateries on my campus; and I’m sure that after 4 years there are still things I missed).

    I am concerned, however, that they’re showing such a preference for a particular platform. One hopes that along with the iPhone app a comprehensive suite of mobile browser accessable sites were released as well (so those with Blackberry, Widnows Mobilie, and Nokia smart phones can play too), but didn’t get as much press.

    The iPhone is probably winning in their demographic right now, but something like that can change quickly.

  2. Appears to be
    @Matt: Yep, it appears to be only for the iPhone and iPod Touch currently. Depending on how it is built it may be a simple port to another phone’s OS, but then again, maybe not.

  3. Developing a series of mobile browser accessible sites is on the agenda for the University of Saskatchewan. But we’ll never get 100%, due to the highly distributed nature of web content at the U of S.

  4. Stephen Downes says:

    Dave Cormier of UPEI tells me they developed one earlier.