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The Blame Canada Road Show

Rebecca Tushnet liveblogs a "debate" on Canadian IP policy in Washington, DC between recording industry lawyers on both sides of the border. Canada is described as facing a "very dark situation."


  1. They say Canada has waiting too long, but I’m not sure what they are basing that on.
    I don’t think we have waiting too long, we have waiting *almost* long enough to reveal what a sham the other implementations are..

  2. El Quintron says:

    Oh Noes Canada will destroy the internets
    That’s mostly what this is about, they talk a lot about enforcement, and do mention that they have very little to offer in exchange for Canadian cooperation, so I guess they’ll have to live with the status quo.

  3. piratebydecree says:

    all these laws will do is force more pirating of copyrighted content
    these organizations need to embrace their audience. they have a product that people want. figure out how to give to them and make money. don’t enlist taxpayers to enforce the business model.

  4. Typical Barry Sookman bullshit.

    Seriously somebody needs to pick this guy off.

  5. Even if we had N. Korea-like restrictions…
    ..we would STILL not be doing enough.

    Seriously, this countries government needs a backbone.

  6. The first step…
    Get Canada to implement even more draconian restrictions than what the US currently has. Then get the US to follow suit. Perhaps I am being a bit paranoid here.

    I wonder if the producers of “South Park” will go after them…