Anti-Spam Bill Passes Committee Without Copyright Lobby Spyware Provision

Bill C-27, the anti-spam bill, passed through the Industry Committee late Monday with the bill largely intact.  Indeed, Industry Minister Tony Clement was true to his word as the several provisions that would have watered down the legislation were dropped (third party referrals, exceptions for survey companies and self-regulated industries) as was a provision promoted by the copyright lobby that would have permitted unauthorized access to personal computers in certain circumstances.

The Liberals on the committee did attempt to introduce several watering down provisions, but each failed.  First, the third party referral provision – dropped by the Conservatives – was brought back by the Liberals as Marc Garneau warned that it was important for realtors.  The amendment was ruled out of order.  Second, a provision to tighten the provision on false subject headers, so that it would only apply in more limited circumstances.  The proposed amendment was defeated.  Third, the Liberals introduced a provision to limit the scope of spyware to specifically enumerated concerns. It too was defeated.


  1. Devil's Advocate says:

    “Well thank pitchforks and pointed ears!”
    A bill passed without the usual bastardizations.

    What’s the catch?!
    I see political and/or religious spam wasn’t mentioned. They will no doubt be exceptions.

  2. political spam
    Arg!, my conservative MP isn’t bright enough to use email but he spams me with flyers constantly! It’s getting bad when your decision to vote is based on who harrases you the least

  3. VancouverDave says:

    I’ve seen it all now
    I never thought I’d see Conservatives holding the line to protect people’s rights over corporate interests.
    On this occasion, well done!

  4. IslandNative says:

    What were the names of the primary lobbyists who attempted to influence our Anti-Spam Bill (C-27)?

    And which of our politicians were most influenced by the lobbyists?

    For reference:

    Tony Clement (Conservative)
    Michael Chong, Chairman of the Committee (Conservative)
    Anthony Rota, Vice Chairman (Liberal)
    Robert Bouchard (Bloc Québécois)
    Gordon Brown (Conservative)
    Siobhan Coady (Liberal)
    Marc Garneau (Liberal)
    Mike Lake (Conservative)
    Brian Masse (New Democratic Party)
    Dave Van Kesteren (Conservative)
    Mike Wallace (Conservative)
    Chris Warkentin (Conservative)