CRTC Posts Updated Stats on Do-Not-Call

The CRTC has posted updated data on the experience with do-not-call.  It reports that as of September 30, 2009, there have been over 7.6 million registrations and 200,000 complaints.  The CRTC has 87 active investigations, issued 145 warning letters, 10 notices of violations, and imposed 7 administrative monetary penalties.


  1. awesome
    So with 200000 complaints, and only 7 fines, your chances of getting nailed as a telemarketer are only 1 in 28500 or so. And that’s only factoring those who faced complaints.

    Where’s the cheapest place to set up shop as a telemarketer? I’ll be nibbling on caviar in no time.

  2. Numbers
    Hey James – you need a better understanding of the numbers. I suspect that the problem telemarketers aren’t triggered by just one complaint. There are 10 notices of violations – which set out the proposed fines.

    Be interesting for the CRTC to break out more detail on the complaints (number of companies, business sector, etc.)

    I notice that number of complaints is declining – is that because there are fewer calls or because people can’t be bothered to complain?