WIPO Treaty for the Blind Gains Momentum, But Canada Missing in Action

The World Intellectual Property Organization is meeting this week with considerable momentum toward work on a Treaty for the Blind that would establish important copyright limitations and exceptions to ensure broader access for the sight disabled.  While the U.S. had emerged as a leader with a surprising shift in approach, attendees report that Canada has been missing in action and maintaining a very low profile.  It's incredibly discouraging to see Canada – which fashions itself as a leading voice that can bridge the gap between delegations – doing so little on such an important issue. 


  1. Considering the events in Copenhagen, I’m not at all surprised by the inaction.

  2. Am I the only one who assumed this would be the way the U.S. would want to handle any specific, high profile situations that exemplify the issues with their strategy? I think there are a few more of these coming.