Canada To Host ACTA Meeting in 2010?

As public discussion and media coverage of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement continues to mount (Search Engine, Angus editorial), it is worth considering whether Canada will play host to an ACTA meeting next year.  The locations and dates for the next two meetings in 2010 have already been disclosed: Mexico (week of January 25th) and New Zealand (week of April 12th).  Given the determination to conclude the talks next year, it seems likely that there will be three additional rounds of talks, likely in June/July, September, and November/December.  By April, there will have already been meetings in the U.S., Japan, Korea, the EU, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, and Switzerland.  That leaves just three countries: Australia, Canada, and Singapore.  While June seems unlikely for Canada (already hosting the G8/G20), a fall meeting – perhaps the meeting to wrap up the talks – seems a distinct possibility.


  1. copyfighter says:

    Should they decide to do so, it would be great to know the date, time and location, so demonstrations can be staged.

  2. Jake Daynes says:

    Leader of the Pirate Party of Canada
    Its an obvious conclusion to come to Michael, hopefully you’re right, as I and many PPCA members would like to find out the location and time of the meeting. This is an obvious slap in the face to our civil liberties, and we can’t let them pull this off.

    Jake Daynes
    Leader of the Pirate Party of Canada and long time reader.