CEP Says It Plans To Appeal Globalive Decision

The Communications Energy and Paperworkers’ Union, Canada's largest telecom union, says its plans to challenge the Globalive decision in federal court, arguing the "decision is illegal."


  1. CEP Says It Plans To Appeal Globalive Decision
    I guess Globalive’s 800+ Canadian employees are not union members.
    Does the CEP collect dues from Bell’s non-employees in Mumbai too?
    Where were they when Canadian jobs were off-shored, by the companies they now seek to protect?

    This kind of action is what is rapidly making unions irrelevant, they are dinosaurs, protecting dinosaurs, rather than their original reason for being, protecting workers.

  2. Unions still have a place. But most have forgotten their purpose in exchange for the type power they originally fought against. What we need is a smackdown, morally and legally, on what unions should be.

  3. always holding Canada back…
    I think the era of the union is long past. Most unions seek to become satellite political parties these days rather than protect their employees. Where was the CEP when Telus offshored 1000’s of jobs to Mumbai, and Manila?

    The CEP is probably upset that they are going to miss out on 800+ good paying jobs where they won’t be able to take 10% or more right off the top.

  4. Vincent Clement says:

    What is “illegal” is the stranglehold Bell, Telus, Rogers and the CEP have on the consumer.

  5. paul schejtman says:

    is canada for consumers or protected “champion” monopolies?
    canada should allow anyone to own anything as long as it benefits canadian consumers.

  6. paul schejtman says:

    canada’s politicians like protected champions because they grow large and make canada look like a big power
    these policians dont care about consumers

    they care about power on the world stage

    they rather have a few huge banks they can pretend are big enuf to compete with the U.S.A. than many smaller banks that compete to provide low cost services.

    POLITICAL EGOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!