CRTC Launches Online Consultation Site on Fee-For-Carriage

The Canadian Press reports on a new CRTC online consultation site on the fee-for-carriage issue.  The online consultation runs until December 21st.


  1. Bill C halmers says:

    She’s a bloodbath over there!
    Im not sure if the CRTC will give it a read, but it is a lopsided slugfest against the service providers practices, against the CRTC’s regulations, and the networks behaviour in recent years. Not much positive going on, not that Im surprised in the least. If the CRTC actually read what consumers would saying and acted upon the recommendations, a pandora’s box would be opened that NEITHER the providers/broadcasters would like. That would look so good on them.

  2. Devil's Advocate says:

    As if…
    Yet another chance for Canadians to not be heard.
    Can’t wait to get right on it.

  3. Well.
    At least we’ll be officially ignored.