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New Zealand Politicians Speak Out on ACTA

New Zealand MP Clare Curran has posted on ACTA, arguing that "in the interests of transparency and public interest, the New Zealand Government should reveal the text of recent secret discussions in South Korea on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement." Meanwhile, UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne has called on the Government to release details of the recent international negotiations on ACTA.


  1. we’ve had a change in government in new zealand, so Clare Curran’s labour party was in power for a long long time while ACTA was being drafted. The question is, did any of the ministers of that government know the contents of ACTA?

  2. Yes. Judith Tizard knew, being the minister for the Ministry of Economic Development at the time, and the same person who championed the Copyright New Technologies Ammendment Bill (which contained the infamous Section 92A). Also, Helen Clark knew, being the Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time.
    As much as I appreciate the position taken by Clare Curran, her party is certainly not innocent when it comes to ACTA and NZ Copyright Law.

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