Private Member’s Bill on Copyright Coming?

The Toronto Sun reports that anti-counterfeiting lawyer Lorne Lipkus believes that a Private Member's bill focusing on expanded copyright will be introduced shortly.  There is no word on which MP is working with copyright lobbyists, but the bill will apparently including tougher sentences and increased seizure powers at the border.


  1. Dwight Williams says:

    Uh oh.
    We should have seen this kind of end-run coming, shouldn’t we?

  2. We did see it coming. It would be really nice if they would seperate the actual counterfeiting stuff from the “expanded” copyright laws.

  3. Here we go again…Canadian DMCA round 3. We must vote out whichever MP this is in the next election.

  4. Chris Brand says:

    Someone should point out
    the tale of Sam Bulte. Or perhaps whoever the MP is, they’re looking to lave politics with a bang.

  5. hmmm
    So this is why we had public consultations on copyright?

  6. Okay, calm down people….
    Though an endaround on copyright reform would be worrisome, keep in mind most private members’ bills rarely make it through the House.

  7. Whichever MP is sucking on the lobbyists tit will face ridicule for the rest of their political career and afterwards.

  8. @Brian
    Agreed. Sounds more like someone is trying to make a few friends in the industry, perhaps to help raise some campaign funds… Aren’t the limits now $5000 per individual and $1000 for a corporation? Those were numbers that I found at the Library of Parliament website, but they date to 2006.

  9. I would like to see….
    a bill that bans corporate lobbying.

  10. Russell McOrmond says:

    Dan Mcteague
    Anyone want a side-bet that it is Liberal Dan Mcteague who never stopped being a co-lobbiest for the incumbent major labels, studios, and software manufacturers? I don’t think it is about campaign donations — I think he really believes this stuff. He’s likely also the lead proponent in Canada of ACTA-like legislation.

    Pickering – Scarborough East

    Copps and Bulte are gone — Mcteague needs to be next.

    Hard for someone tabling a private members bill to not have to own up personally for all the policy in it. No way to point blame at the party/government/etc.