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ACTA Guide: Part Four: What Will ACTA Mean To My Domestic Law?

Questions about ACTA typically follow a familiar pattern – what is it (Part One of the ACTA Guide), do you have evidence (Part Two), why is this secret (Part Three), followed by what would ACTA do to my country's laws?  This fourth question is the subject of this post, Part Four of the ACTA Guide.  The answer is complex since the impact of ACTA will differ for each participating country: some will require limited reforms, others very significant reforms, and yet others (particularly those not even permitted to participate) complete overhauls of their domestic laws.

That is not the answer that the participating countries have been providing. Instead, most have sought to dampen fears by implausibly claiming that ACTA will not result in any domestic changes in their own country.  With that in mind, we get:

  • the European Union stating "ACTA will not go further than the current EU regime for enforcement of IPRs"
  • the USTR maintaining that ACTA will not rewrite U.S. law
  • Australia's DFAT confirming they do not expect to see major domestic changes to Australian law as a result of the ACTA
  • New Zealand stating "ACTA will not change existing standards"
  • Canadian Industry Minister Tony Clement assuring the House of Commons that ACTA will be subservient to domestic rules

Of course, if all of this is true, skeptics might reasonably ask why ACTA is needed at all.  The truth is that ACTA will require changes in many countries that ratify the agreement.  The EU Commissioner-designate for the Internal Market, Michel Barnier, recently acknowledged precisely that during hearings in Brussels.  Meanwhile, U.S. lobby groups have stated that they view ACTA as a mechanism to pressure Canada into new copyright reforms.

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Van Loan on ACTA

International Trade Minister Peter Van Loan's office has responded to NDP MP Charlie Angus' public letter on ACTA.  According to the Wire Report, Van Loan says that "ACTA would comply with Canadian law" and that "before acceding to any agreement, our government would need to be fully satisfied that it […]

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Former Trade Official Warns Against Major IP Changes in EU Trade Deal

Embassy reports on the Canada – EU Trade Agreement, which concluded the second round of talks last week (Cyndee Todgham Cherniak notes the government's "failure to communicate" on the latest round of talks).  Dan Ciuriak, a former deputy chief economist at the International Trade department, expresses concern with the agreement's […]

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Privacy Commissioner Launches New Facebook Investigation

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada has launched a new investigation into Facebook's privacy practices.  The new investigation stems from a complaint filed in the wake of Facebook changing its privacy default settings.

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