BC Privacy Commissioner Office in “Legal Limbo”

The Globe reports that the Office of the B.C. Privacy Commissioner is in "legal limbo" following the departure of longtime commissioner David Loukidelis.

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  1. Didn’t hear back from your office?
    I have made several comments and submissions to your office that have not been responded to, likely because there has been a bias in place: toward women, minorities, vulnerable people etc. There have in recent years been horrible breaches of privacy; we had just acquired privacy legislation and old breaches had never been discussed. I have complained aobut US & conservative activities against people who have used the various Canadian commissions. I believe that US involvement means an intrinsic bias in that they don’t like our human rights legislation etc. Currenlty, the abuses are so severe that they are a hate crime and a war crime; there does not seem to be any way for a citizen to complain. Each atttempt is met with retaliation.