Liberals Discussing Special Legislative Committee For Copyright Bill

The Wire Report reports the Liberal Party is considering promoting a special legislative committee to address the forthcoming copyright reform bill.


  1. By getting a committee going the Liberals can get in on the lobbyist cash instead of letting the conservatives have it all to them selves.

  2. Sounds promising. I think this future committee will understand past the rederick, and look more towards the economics, and practicality of the situation which is good news. I think that’s long overdue. It sounds more like the levy by Angus was an attempt to monetize the networks a bit, but there are several ways to look at monetization, rather than imposing a levy on mediums.

    We also must be careful that what ever monetization does occur, that it is reviewed on yearly basis as new business models emerge online. The broadcasting model is quickly appearing on the networks, and should also apply to P2P downloads for those that use P2P for media. The also surprising aspect I’m finding as a new media producer as well, the more content is available for download by the source producers as well, the less people will go looking for it on “illegal” channels.

    If industry could allow media to be viewed or listened to on all platforms and available from their own sites and servers, that would draw people back in. There always has been reluctance by industry to move forward with this business model, opting more on control rather than audience based innovation.