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Copyright Week in Canada: Bill Coming Thursday as Conservatives Indicate Openness to Amendments

This is copyright week in Canada as multiple reports indicate that the long-awaited copyright bill will be tabled on Thursday.  The recent round of reports are noteworthy for several reasons.  First, they confirm earlier reports that the government plans to introduce DMCA-style anti-circumvention legislation.  This suggests that the digital lock provisions that were the source of enormous public outrage (and the dominant issue during last summer's copyright consultation) will remain largely unchanged from Bill C-61 and will unquestionably be the most hotly debated aspect of the bill.

Second, the reports also drop hints of other aspects of the bill.  While I previously reported there will be no flexible fair dealing provision, the reports indicate that there will some changes to fair dealing.  This comes as little surprise, given that C-61 included provisions on time shifting and format shifting.

Third, the government is increasingly turning its attention to what comes after the bill is introduced.  The Canadian Press reports that the government is planning to pressure the opposition parties to hold summer hearings in an effort to fast-track the bill through the House of Commons.   While this raises concern for many groups who may face challenges participating in summer hearings (and the hearings themselves risk becoming abbreviated as MPs cut the process short to get back to their constituencies), Industry Minister Tony Clement has also indicated that the government is open to compromise:

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May 31, 2010 32 comments News

Facebook and Privacy: The Devil is in the Defaults

My colleague Ian Kerr published a terrific op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen over the weekend addressing Facebook, privacy, and the importance of focusing on the defaults used by the social networking giant.

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Canadian Students on the Fight for Fair Copyright

The Canadian Federation of Students have launched a new video calling on students across the country to support the fight for fair copyright.  A French-language version is also available.

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Windsor Star Masthead Editorial on C-29

The Windsor Star features a masthead editorial on C-29, the privacy reform bill introduced this week.  The Star calls for changes, concluding "Clement needs to go back to the drawing board and come up with legislation that puts the interests of consumers first."

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May 28, 2010 Comments are Disabled News

Facebook Tries To Enforce $843 Million Spam Judgement in Quebec

Facebook has asked a Quebec court to enforce an $843 million spam judgment it obtained in a California court against Montreal's Adam Guerbuez.

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