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Rogers: We’re Concerned With the ACTA Negotiations and Three Strikes

Rogers Communications appeared before the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage and was asked by NDP MP Charlie Angus about their position on ACTA and ISP liability.  Ken Englehart, Senior VP Regulatory, left little doubt about the company's concerns with ACTA and the possibility of a three-strikes and you're out model […]

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EC’s ACTA Negotiator Devigne: Rejected U.S. “Blackmail”

Luc Devigne, the European Commission's lead ACTA negotiator, recently appeared before the International Trade Committee which brought together Members of the European Parliament and ACTA negotiators.  Sources say Devigne revealed several key things: the release of the draft ACTA text may be a one-time deal. There are no current plans […]

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May 12, 2010 3 comments News

German Bundesrat Passes Resolution Criticizing ACTA Approach

The German Federal Council, the Bundesrat, has passed a resolution criticizing the decision to create a new ACTA forum, rather than negotiating within international institutions such as WIPO or the WTO.

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