Full ACTA Leaks Again: Updated To Lucerne Round

One day after the European Parliament held hearings on ACTA, the full text of the agreement – updated to include the most recent round of talks in Lucerne – leaked online.  The leaked text includes full attribution of country positions.  More details on the key changes and developments soon.


  1. cndcitizen says:

    Funny we have a bubble head….
    …Negotiating for Canada. I have read over the first 8 pages and they are all crap. Who is driving this anyway? What is the reason for this. Please explain why my dollars are going for some minor functionary to travel the world with his/her staff on our money and come up with crap laws that don’t mean anything….who signed on to this and what was the reason? Please give us the history.


  2. cndcitizen says:

    Why is this secret and not part of WTO at the least…this smells fishy like backroom back rubs and more stuff that seems to fill politicians agendas….who can I help so that I can get a awsome job after I get kicked out of politics.

    I think that politicians should be able to be sued by the public for this type of stuff that is not on the mandate or part of any offical world governing body.