The ACTA Timeline: An Update

Last December, I posted a timeline of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, with links to developments tracing back to 2004. With the ninth round of talks now concluded,  I’ve updated the timeline with new links, documents, and videos from the past six months.


The ACTA Timeline on Dipity.


  1. Anarchist Philanthropist says:

    @Dr. Geist

    What are the actual chances of getting this bill completely canceled?

  2. @Dr. Geist
    Same question. How frequently do such trade negotiations completely unravel?

  3. Michael Geist says:

    ACTA’s success
    In response to the two questions, it will be tough to stop ACTA altogether. There is a lot of momentum and political support behind it. Many concerned with ACTA are focusing on bringing some balance into the treaty and improving the process.


  4. ACTA’s success
    How would you compare this to the Multilateral Agreement on Investment in the 1990’s? How did NGOs manage to derail the MAI and why couldn’t activists gain enough support to stop ACTA now?