Canadian Video Game Maker Criticizes C-32 Digital Lock Rules

Battlegoat Studios, an Ontario-based video game maker, has released its position on Bill C-32, criticizing the digital lock provisions in the bill.


  1. A wonderful voice of reason! I oughta look into the games these guys made, they certainly deserve more respect then their giant counterparts! (i.e. Ubisoft, EA, etc)

  2. Very good writeup.
    Interesting input that WIPO is considering updates that would specifically allow TPM removal for non-infringing uses. I wonder if that makes WIPO members into “radical extremists” as well?

  3. phillipsjk says:

    I agree with oldguy. He pulls together what a lot of bill C-32 opponents have been saying, and even cites sources.

  4. Yes, extremely well written and articulate. He must be a radical. ;-D

  5. What a well-written article.