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Media Mergers the Latest Stab at ‘Walled Garden’ Strategy

Appeared in the Toronto Star on September 20, 2010 as Media Mergers the Latest Stab at ‘Walled Garden’ Strategy In the years before the emergence of the Internet, three online service providers battled in the United States for market supremacy.  America Online (later AOL), Prodigy, and Compuserve each adopted “walled […]

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September 22, 2010 Comments are Disabled Columns Archive A New Site on Everything ACTA

With the next round of the ACTA negotiations scheduled to begin tomorrow in Tokyo, I am pleased to launch a new site that aggregates much of the analysis and publicly available materials on the draft agreement. includes the latest leaked text, links to official and leaked documents, country-specific discussion, […]

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Bill C-32: My Perspective on the Key Issues

With the House of Commons back in session this week, there has been growing speculation that Bill C-32, the copyright reform bill, will emerge as a government priority.  Given the rhetoric we’ve seen over the past three months, it seems likely that proponents of the digital lock approach will seek to paint critics as anti-copyright, pirates, and radical extremists.  While the rhetoric may seek to delegitimize consumers and many Canadians vocal on the copyright issue, the reality is that many consumer and education groups have been far more supportive of the bill than proponents such as the music industry.

With the caveat that I can only speak for myself, the following post covers the most contentious aspects of Bill C-32 by aggregating some of my posts and comments.  When the bill was first introduced, my immediate response was that the government did a good job compromising on some very contentious issues (ISP liability, fair dealing, consumer provisions, statutory damages) but that the digital lock approach represented a huge flaw that undermined many of the positive steps forward.  This remains my view – if we can find a compromise on digital locks, I think this is a bill worth supporting.  The following five issues are likely to be the among most contentious in the upcoming hearings:

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September 21, 2010 46 comments News

Access Copyright Launches C-32 Advocacy Site

Access Copyright has launched a new copyright advocacy site at  The site includes support from a number of author and publisher organizations.  The site is targeted primarily at fair dealing reform, claiming that the changes would cause “hundreds of millions of dollars in income [to be] wiped out.”

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ACTA Agenda for Round 11 in Japan

The agenda for this week’s ACTA meeting, which starts on Thursday in Tokyo, has been posted.

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