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Millions at Stake in Education Copyright Battle

Appeared in the Toronto Star on September 13, 2010 as Significant New Costs Loom for Students Thousands of Canadian students headed back to school last week with many facing rising loans to pay for tuition, books, and accommodation.  As students struggle to make ends meet, significant new costs loom on […]

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World Economic Forum Ranks Canada Ahead of US, Japan, UK on IP Protection

In recent years, several lobby groups (along with the U.S. government) have worked extremely hard to convince the Canadian public that Canadian intellectual property laws are substandard, leading to claims that investment in Canada is harmed because of our legal framework. Bill C-32 is obviously a response to that pressure, […]

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French Officials Say Willing to Walk Away From ACTA

Confirming earlier comments from the European Commission, French government officials have told NGO groups that they are willing to walk away from ACTA if the agreement does not include coverage of geographical indications.

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September 13, 2010 2 comments News

Ignatieff on Bill C-32 posts a letter from Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff on Bill C-32.  It includes: we believe that Canadian consumers who have legitimately purchased a CD or a DVD or other product should also have the ability to transfer their purchase onto their iPod or make a personal backup copy on […]

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USTR “Transparency Soup” on ACTA Revealed

KEI has posted documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act that highlights how the USTR planned to address increased pressure for greater ACTA transparency.

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