Anti-Spam Bill Receives Royal Assent

On May 11, 2004, the Government launched Canada’s Task Force on Spam.  I was honoured to participate on the Task Force, which unanimously recommended anti-spam legislation its report issued on May 17, 2005.  Yesterday – 2038 days after the release of the report – Bill C-28, the anti-spam bill, received royal assent.


  1. private right of action
    I wonder how I use the private right of action provision to make a living out of suing spammers. Surely it gets pretty “cookie cutter” after a few goes at it.

  2. Another unenforceable law
    The books need a good cleanup of being stripped of useless laws, not have it added.

    You want less spam? Block Russia (and all former dependencies), block China and ThePlanet from the US. I did that on my forums and are pretty much spam free.