CRTC Levies $500K Fine for Do-Not-Call Violation

In the largest do-not-call violation fine to date (by far), the CRTC has hit Xentel DM, a Calgary-based telemarketing firm, with a $500,000 fine for violating the law.


  1. how about bell/solo mobile now?
    I have been filing complaints about Bell’s Solo Mobile brand calling me repeatedly despite my being on the National DNCL *and* having asked them repeatedly to be put on their own DNCL.

    They just keep calling though and have been doing so for probably at least a year now. When are the CRTC going to whack them? If companies can spend years making these violating calls and then only get a fine once every 5 years, are they really going to stop? I say they won’t. They will just chalk it up to a cost of doing [sleazy] business.

    The CRTC needs to step up their investigations and enforcement by several orders of magnitude. In the case of Solo Mobile for example, my complaints alone should be enough to slam them on never mind however many others have been made.

  2. GOOD!!!!!

  3. Bell got a slap on the wrist too
    Bell fined $1.28 million for “do not call” violations

    But 1.3 M$ is pocket money to Bell.

  4. Clyde Beattie says:

    I’m on the DNCL but because I am a small customer of Reliance, I sometimes get dozens of robo-dial calls and real calls from Reliance in a single day. I have threatened to set up a robo-dial on the ceo’s home phone but haven’t found his number. He’s hidden pretty well but if I get another burst of robo-call I’ll find him. Anybody has his home number, let me know.

  5. Clever Stake says:

    I feel “X” was correct about Bell. My father got harassed by Bell regularly, I consider harassment the proper word since he’s informed them he’s a shift worker who sleeps during the day. Lately I’ve been getting calls from Solo, especially since I got rid of my Bell Mobility phone. I just politely tell them I’ve boycotted Bell and most get the idea.