Rogers Faces More Questions on World of Warcraft Throttling

Teresa Murphy, who filed the original complaint against Rogers over its throttling of World of Warcraft, has submitted a detailed response to the Rogers response. It calls on Rogers to drop its throttling practices and reimburse subscribers for damages resulting from its practices.


  1. wont work…
    Since Rodgers have the CRTC in their pocket… they don’t have to worry about having to drop it’s throttling practices… and it wont have to reimburse subscribers since the Consumer Protection Law does not cover Rogers(or other telecom compagny).

    Or so I am under the impression of such things

  2. WoW did make changes to the way it patched its game recently, integrating patch downloads while playing so it’s more likely this a just looks like bittorrent now.

  3. Teresa Murphy says:

    Aaron, its not bittorrent, and doesn’t look like bittorrent. Its a port 80 stream from Akamai, sort of like a youtube stream. Unless they’re throttling websites now as well as p2p, theres no reason to be touching it.

  4. Anarchist Philanthropist says:

    @ Teresa
    Firstly good catch. Second and this isn’t meant to be rude so please don’t take it as such. The average user wouldn’t know a throttled speed if it jumped up and Bit them in the NIC. You don’t need a heck of a lot of speed to check websites and download email.

    It’s only when you get into bittorents and other download methods (as well as online gaming) that bandwidth throttling becomes an issue. But unfortunately as someone pointed out the telcos in this country have the CRTC in their pocket so nothing will happen. Again great catch and I hope something does happen but I have my doubts.

  5. Well said, it is wholly unacceptable that telcos are allowed to be in clear violation of the law for months on end without penalty. It is criminal of not only Rogers to be in violation but unduly negligent of the CRTC to not enforce policy.