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Canadian Funded Study Provides New Insights Into Global Piracy Claims

The Social Science Research Council has released its much-anticipated study on media piracy in emerging economies. The 440 page report, which received funding from Canada’s International Development Research Centre, provides an exceptionally detailed and insightful examination of global piracy claims with specific analysis of several middle income economies including South Africa, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, and India. The report also features a detailed discussion of industry-sponsored piracy research, the shortcomings of the enforcement agenda, the lack of evidence that “organized crime” is heavily involved in piracy, and the ongoing failure of “education” programs.

The entire report is a must-read but key findings include:

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Bloc Sets Terms For Its Support of Bill C-32

The Bloc has posted a public letter stating its demands for support of Bill C-32.  Demands include extending the private copying levy, dropping the extension of fair dealing to include education, and retention of the ephemeral rights provision that results in millions in payments by broadcasters.

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