Bloc Sets Terms For Its Support of Bill C-32

The Bloc has posted a public letter stating its demands for support of Bill C-32.  Demands include extending the private copying levy, dropping the extension of fair dealing to include education, and retention of the ephemeral rights provision that results in millions in payments by broadcasters.

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  1. So basically, let’s live int he past rather than try to make something actually forward looking.

  2. I’m not surprised
    Quebec in general is fiercely traditional. Their artists keep their culture alive so they are very intent on keeping their artists afloat.

    QC barely has any presence on the internet, because of the overwhelming popularity of english media. This is the only way they figure they can protect themselves.

    Sadly, for precisely the reason mentioned above, they are pretty much not in danger from being pirated. File sharing requires people to share. Unpopular stuff doesn’t get shared.

  3. Mme Lavallée, merci de mentionner Obama et de nous rappeller que pour vous le soleil se lève au sud. Nous allons en tenir compte lors des prochaines élections.


  4. I don’t believe there is anything stopping the Quebec provincial government from imposing a provincial version of the private copying levy. So let Quebec go its own way, once more, and impose it, and let the other provinces worry about themselves.

  5. Mikkel Paulson says:
    So basically they want the worst of both worlds. Good to know.

  6. Mikkel Paulson says:

    Turns out “title” and “URL” are different things. Good to know.