Rogers Vice Chair Says Netflix Should Face Canadian Regulatory Obligations

Rogers Vice Chair Phil Lind has told that Netflix should face Canadian regulatory obligations, though he declined specify precisely what they should be.


  1. Yeah, right…
    I think Rogers should have to face Canadian regulatory obligations.

  2. That’s because there are people like me who canceled their Rogers cable TV because it sucks and costs too much, to switch to Netflix.

  3. Graham J says:

    Down with UBB
    I don’t mind Netflix facing Canadian regulatory obligations as long as wholesale and retail UBB is abolished. Let’s put everyone on equal footing here.

  4. @Graham J: And Bandwidth Cap is abolished too
    @Eric L. My thoughts exactly

    I think Rogers is being threatened by netflix (and have finally realized that Canadians prefer a service that is more fair (pricewise) than their Cable option). How about rogers adapts (improves) their services and offer more competitive choices (this is the reason why we switched from them to unlimited DSL – same speed, no bandwidth) – and no i do not pirate anything, I need the bandwidth to develop software…

  5. Bill MacEachern says:

    This is all code for…
    Dear CRTC, Please place lots of hurdles and other impediments on our competitors, and forego any thoughts about stoppng our regular shenanigans.

  6. RE: Rado G
    Unfortunately, this is the same company who still charges fees for every TV in a customer’s house connected to cable. I don’t see them becoming progressive in the near-future, at least without serious motivation.

  7. Well, I think that Rogers executives should face criminal charges. Hey look I can make wildly unfounded claims too! I could be a Rogers executive!