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Angus on Lawful Access: Serious Erosion of Privacy Rights

NDP MP Charlie Angus has sent a detailed letter to Public Safety Minister Vic Toews expressing concern about the return of lawful access legislation. Lawful access provisions are expected to be included in an omnibus crime bill to be introduced in the fall. Angus points to several key concerns, including mandatory disclosure of some personal information without court oversight:

Of particular concern is Clause 16 of the former Bill C-52 allowing security services unrestricted access to any device identification data from an ISP or other telecommunications service provider without a warrant. This will allow law enforcement to identify individuals involved in a striking array of online activity including anonymous political opinions made in blog posts or newspaper comments, location data posted online from a smart phone, social networking activity, private online instant message or email exchanges, and a host of currently unforeseeable future online interactions that are sure to come with new innovations and services. This unrestricted access to e-mail addresses will make it possible to track individuals across a vast range of online services, activities, and even locations.

Angus also points to the lack of oversight built into the bill:

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