CRIA Gives Award of Appreciation to Ex-Liberal MP McTeague

CRIA, now known as Music Canada, has given an Award of Appreciation to former Liberal MP Dan McTeague. I wrote about McTeague as CRIA’s Unofficial Spokesperson last February, which later escalated into competing blog posts. McTeague was defeated in the May election. CRIA also gave an award to Conservative MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, Dean Del Mastro.

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  1. Its true
    All good shills go to heaven.

  2. Seems Moore is again making a bunch of promises to “Music Canada”, go read the article on Sookman’s blog. What a shill.

  3. “He pointed out that “those who want to steal from you without permission” are “wrong and we’re not going to tolerate it.” “Theft in the name of creativity isn’t creativity, it’s theft.””

    Seems Moore is taking advice from Joe Biden now with all this theft talk.

  4. Glad to see there is still impartiality, and a lack of pandering, on the hill these days.

  5. Hmm…
    It looks like McTeague’s voting constituents don’t/didn’t feel the same about his performance and policy position, as “Music Canada” does.
    I really wonder if that “Award of Appreciation” will make up for turning your back on the voters that at one time trusted you to represent their interests.
    Or perhaps this is “just politics”, as a part of what our representational democracy has become these days.

  6. Getting too close to CRIA didn’t do Sam Bulte much good either.