NDP, Liberals Call for Net Neutrality Reforms

The opposition NDP and Liberals have swiftly called for reforms to Canada’s net neutrality framework in light of today’s revelations of the CRTC’s failure to effectively enforce its own guidelines. The NDP’s Charlie Angus tweets “CRTC can’t be trusted to protect public on net neutrality. NDP will legislate clear rules on net neutrality.” Meanwhile, the Liberals have issued a statement from Geoff Regan, critic for Industry and Consumer Affairs, calling for publishing net neutrality complaints, creating penalties for violations, and conducting public audits.”

One Comment

  1. Crockett says:

    Let’s keep the light shining bright on the CRTC, if nothing else it is showing the preference to bow to industry’s concerns over that of the consumer, whom I believe is supposed to be the prominent concern of the regulator.