Queen’s, Calgary Latest To Drop Access Copyright Licence

It appears that Queen’s University and the University of Calgary are the latest Canadian universities to announce plans to drop the Access Copyright licence. Queen’s has published a copyright policy document that indicates its current licence with Access Copyright will expire on August 31, 2011, while Calgary announced last week that it has notified Access Copyright that it will no longer operate under the interim tariff.


  1. Is anyone keeping a complete list of universities who have said they aren’t renewing their Access Copyright licenses?

    Off the top of my head (so I could be wrong about these), other than the two mentioned here I can think of Alberta and Athabasca, and I believe Saskatchewan was on the fence.

  2. “NSCC no longer operates within the Access Copyright agreement and complies with the Copyright Act of Canada. Visit our Copyright subject guide to ensure you are copying right!”

  3. @Matt
    Medicine Hat College, University of Manitoba, University of Regina, Mount Royal University, Memorial University, UPEI, UNB, University of Guelph and Ryerson come to mind. Brock University and York University plan to walk away but are operating under the tariff until they’re ready. Carleton and UBC have been making rumblings, but I couldn’t find an official announcement either way.

    …To name a few…